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March 2009



Dramatic action, giant personalities, towering ideals and cult following – this is the new sporting century.
Look Inside
Jorge Silva - Santo Domingo, Mexico – August 2003
Laszlo Balogh – Budapest, Hungary – August 2006
Shaun Best – Athens, Greece – August 2004

Reuters is the world’s largest international news agency. Its sports correspondents have been reporting from the stadiums, the greens, the pitches, the courts and the circuits since 1860, delivering all the action as it happens.

Reuters was founded in London in 1851 by Paul Julius Reuter, a German-born immigrant who used carrier pigeons and then telegraph cables to transmit the news.

Building a reputation for speed, accuracy, integrity and impartiality, Reuters became the world's largest news agency with 197 bureaux reporting news on more than 200 countries.

Reuters is now the news division of the information company Thomson Reuters, which employs over 50,000 people including 2,500 staff journalists, photographers, camera operators and editors.

A network of 600 photographers distributes 1,700 pictures each day - over half a million each year. Images are transmitted within minutes to the world’s media to provide a constant mirror of our times.

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