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March 2009



Dramatic action, giant personalities, towering ideals and cult following – this is the new sporting century.
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Contributing Photographers

Reuters Sport in the 21st Century features images by 259 Reuters and Action Images photographers of 56 different nationalities. Click here to view list.

Project Director

Jassim Ahmad joined Reuters in 2000 and works in the Media division as Head of Visual Projects, with responsibility for advancing Reuters content identity through books, multimedia and other visual communications. Recent projects include Reuters – The State of the World, published in 10 languages and exhibited in 30 international cities; bestselling collector’s series Our World Now; and award-winning multimedia story Bearing Witness.

Picture Editor

Hamish Crooks spent 11 years working at Magnum Photos in a variety of roles including Online and Deputy Director. He co-edited the bestselling book Magnum Football. Hamish joined Reuters in 2005 to manage analysis and development of Reuters Pictures data, workflow and content. He has written sports features for national online newspapers and guest lectured on photography at universities in the United Kingdom.

Contributing Writers

John Mehaffey joined the Reuters Sports Desk in 1981 after working as a general news and political reporter in New Zealand, Australia and England. Since then he has reported on a variety of sports from more than 30 countries, including six summer Olympic Games, 10 world athletics championships, the soccer, rugby and cricket World Cups plus the winter Olympics.

Clare Fallon has been a Reuters journalist since 1982, first in news and economics in London and Rome and, since 1987, on the international Sports Desk in London. She has reported on three summer and three winter Olympic Games, as well as the Auckland and Victoria Commonwealth Games, the 1990 soccer World Cup in Italy and the inaugural Goodwill Games in Moscow in 1985.

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Paul Barker, Catherine Benson, Valerie Bezzina, Jonathan Bramley, Lynne Bundy, Jane Chiapoco, Timothy Collings, Ayperi Karabuda Ecer, Shannon Ghannam, Emma Goh, Philip Kelly, Jeremy Lee, Simon Newman, Paul Radford, Alexia Singh, Victoria Stenson, Akio Suga, Thomas Szlukovenyi, Sara Veness and Monique Villa.